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Frequently asked questions

What are the most common questions about Lumyros? Find out answers in this post. Do you have a question which is not mentioned here? If you have a question someone else might have the same one. Contact me


I received a notification but there is nothing on the map

When you received notification during the night and checked Lumyros in the morning, then the map will be empty. As default settings, each reported Aurora is visible on the map only 30 minutes (you can display older Aurora reports by changing the filters to Reported - last night/week/month and more). Find out more about filters in tutorial.

Why do you display Aurora reports for only 30 minutes then? Aurora keeps changing every minute and the same is with clouds (clouds block the view so if it's cloudy you might not see the show). Unlike in other Aurora apps where you can see on the map "Aurora was visible 4 hours ago" it doesn't help you at all as shortly after Aurora was reported could have disappeared or it became cloudy and Aurora is no longer visible in that location. Lumyros is focusing more on where is Aurora really visible in real-time rather than displaying old data which might be no longer relevant.

Why do I need to create an account?

An account is an important part of the Lumyros app. It doesn't look like it makes much sense right now as only about 30% of all functions planned are implemented. In upcoming updates will come new functions which will be connected to your profile. This is the reason why the account function had to be implemented as first and upcoming new features will be connected to it later.

It still doesn't make sense, no other Aurora app requires an account. An account allows you to report visible Aurora, add a photography place, rate and comment (places and Aurora reports). This is the reason why other Aurora apps don't require an account as they don't have these features. You can already see in your profile the number of Aurora reports you shared - it's just the beginning. Much more is coming :)

Where can I find out more about Lumyros functions?

You can find out more about all features in Lumyros tutorial (click here)

Why is Lumyros Beta and what does it mean?

Lumyros is still in development and only about 30% of all functions planned are currently implemented. Every new update is always tested to avoid any major bugs or glitches. On the other hand, only a large user base can help us to find them all. There is a large number of different devices and thousands settings combinations where some of them might cause unpredicted app behaviour.

In some cases might occur missing data, empty graphs or other issues. In most cases helps to close Lumyros app and launch it again. Sometimes might not be available data from 3rd parties as not all services are available 24/7/365 (there will appear a notice in future updates when this happens, based on your suggestions). There are hundreds of different algorithms ensuring the most accurate and only relevant data are displayed to you. Thanks to your feedback we are adjusting and testing new settings and algorithm improvements, so Lumyros can offer a better user experience with every new update.

Do you have an idea, suggestion or feedback you would like to share?

Contact me :-)

Are you planning any update soon?

This season are planned two major updates. The first update will bring many new features for photographers and the second one is still a secret, but it's gonna be a big surprise :)

Both major updates coming this season (2020/2021) will bring features never seen in any Northern Lights app before.

Several minor updates are coming this season as well (new map layers, improved Aurora reports, map search, map core change, new features for Aurora prediction part and a few more).

What countries are supported?

Supported countries (officially) are Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Scotland. What does it mean for me? You can share visible Aurora and add a photography place only in supported countries. Prediction data are adjusted only for these countries as well (still a few more adjustments are about to come with upcoming updates).

You still can access all data from anywhere around the World.

Are you planning to support more countries? Yes, absolutely.

There are already several other countries in a testing (they are not on the official list, but you can (in some cases - not guaranteed) add there photography places and share visible Aurora). Lumyros has a goal to support all countries where you can see the Northern Lights.

Aurora added unsuccessfully - Why?

This is one of several reasons why Lumyros is Beta version. We still have some issues which need to be solved. When you click on the button "I see Aurora" and share visible Aurora with other hunters by clicking on the submit button a red sign might appear (in rare cases) with a notice "Aurora added unsuccessfully". Aurora report is added to the database even though the sign says otherwise. Just click on Places and again on Auroras (the report you created will be visible on the map now and will appear in the list of Closest and Latest Aurora reports. Unfortunately, in this case, notification is not sent. You don't need to create multiple Aurora reports as the same issue will most likely repeat (other hunters can still see the Aurora report you shared in the map and in the list of Closest and Latest Aurora reports).

The reason for this is caused by GPS location where incorrect location name is assigned or the location name is not assigned at all. We are currently working on the solution.

Why aren't you showing Aurora prediction for the whole day?

Lumyros displays only relevant data. I am well aware that you have these data available in other Aurora apps (you can see even Aurora prediction for the time around noon). The downside is that no matter how high is Aurora prediction during the day you will not be able to see it anyway as Aurora can be visible only when it's outside dark enough. This is the reason why Lumyros displays only relevant prediction data for the time when it's possible to see Aurora.

If you would like to see Aurora prediction data even for the time when you can't see Aurora contact me and I will add it to Lumyros app.

Some graphs are empty, missing or old data

This is caused in rare cases by a glitch in the app and if you close and launch the app again all should be fully functional. Unfortunately, the most common reason is unavailable source data from 3rd parties. It is space weather and not all services are available 24/7/365. This is happening usually a few times a month for several hours (in very rare cases even a few days - until the problem is fixed on the side of data provider). When data will be available again they will be automatically displayed in the app.

What are you going to do about it? Some changes will be implemented in the app. When data will not be available a message in the graph will be displayed along with the latest data recorded and the sign how long are data unavailable.

Is that all? Can't you do more? Sadly, the answer is no as an alternative would be to fly to the orbit and fix the satellite or any other device. Unfortunately, We don't have the necessary financial resources or knowledge.


Do you have any questions about Lumyros features? Find out more in the tutorial.


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