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Don't miss the Northern Lights

All tools you need for your Northern Lights hunt in one app. Great for first-time hunters. No Northern Lights knowledge needed. 

Download. Launch. Enjoy the show.


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More than 14 Aurora Apps on the Market. Why Should You Choose Lumyros?

Find out more about our unique features below.

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Aurora Forecast for Your Location. For Real.

Lumyros is surprisingly the first Aurora app that shows the forecast for your location and only for times when it's dark enough to actually see the show. We also replaced Today's (00h-00h) Aurora forecast with Tonight's (sunset-sunrise) forecast - it just makes more sense.

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Truly. Designed for Tourists and Beginners.

Millions of people are coming to northern countries to see the Northern Lights. The majority of them never saw Aurora yet. How does it work? When can I see it? Where can I see it? How does it look in reality? And many more questions. We are here to help you. Learn all you need to know in an easy way in our Aurora Academy section. (Full disclosure: Some explanations might be simplified so everyone can understand it.)

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Easy Aurora photo sharing & more.

The Top 3 most common questions when Aurora photo is shared on social media are When, Where was photo taken and What camera setting was used. We answer these questions for you so you can focus on sharing your Aurora story and experience.

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Data Based Locations? Not in Here.

The best handpicked Real Aurora places. How does it look there, how to get there, why is this place the best for Aurora viewing and photography? All questions are answered. Plus you can share with other hunters new breathtaking locations. To make sure you are sharing real experience - When sharing a new location your current GPS location is used (it means you can share a new location only when you are there).

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Low, Medium, Strong Aurora Activity Shared? Share Aurora's Real Appearance.

Now we can all share what Aurora really looks like so others know what to expect. Imagine the same Aurora show where experienced Aurora hunter who saw Aurora hundreds times would share as low activity where a tourist would share it most likely as strong activity. No more confusion.

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Social Network, Really? Are You Serious?

Surprisingly it makes sense. We explored all the available social networks and the reason why we created our own Northern Lights Social Network is simple. They are simply not designed for the needs of Aurora hunters.

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What about
Real-time data?

Of course! We show data in real time. We have all the essential tools for any Aurora hunter. We do focus on beginners and tourists but we welcome all professional hunters and want to provide for them all the tools they need.

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How would Aurora Hunter's Profile
Look Like?

All app's sections are connected so you can see anytime your statistics, shared Auroras, photos, posts, comments, likes, shared content, bookmarked content & more. Easily customise your profile. Share what equipment are you using to capture Aurora & more.

Note: As you can see Lumyros app is quite complex and has much to offer. Due to many interconnected features, you might experience some bugs and flaws. Please don't judge us too harshly yet as we are still working on it and want to bring something new and exciting.

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NOTIFICATIONS - You will get a notification when Aurora is visible

VISIBILITY TIME - Darker = better visibility, you can see when will be the best time

COMPASS - Aurora is usually on the north horizon, the compass will help you find it

AURORA PREDICTION - What is the chance to see Aurora?

AURORA SHARE - Share with all Aurora hunters visible Aurora in real-time

AURORA VISIBILITY - How does it look? Visibility details with real-time updates

PHOTOGRAPHY PLACES - Add amazing places perfect for Aurora photography

AURORA REPORT HISTORY - Find out where was Aurora visible last night/week/month

FIRST-TIME HUNTER FRIENDLY - No need to understand solar data and graphs

PHOTO SHARING - Share your Aurora photos with all Aurora hunters

CONNECTING AURORA HUNTERS - Connect in real-time with Aurora hunters


REAL-TIME DATA - All necessary real-time graphs

SUBSTORMS TRACKING - Real-time data from magnetometers

BULK NOTIFICATIONS - Notify all your guests/customers at once

CONNECT WITH ALL AURORA HUNTERS - Increase your brand awareness

ADD NEARBY PHOTOGRAPHY PLACES - Attract new Aurora hunters

INTRODUCE YOUR AURORA SERVICES - What makes you special?


Why download Lumyros? It's the most user-friendly Aurora forecast app on the market. Lumyros will connect you with all Aurora hunters :-)

How does Lumyros work?


Northern Lights show can last from just a few minutes up to several hours so it's essential to find the best location in order not to drive far away.


Book one of 162 hand-picked hotels and accommodations in the best locations to see Aurora


Did you find an amazing place for a stunning Aurora photo? Share it with all Aurora hunters!


Book one of 97 hand-picked Aurora tour operators in selected locations


What are the key features? Aurora forecast, notifications, Aurora reports,

nearest and latest Aurora reports, real-time data, alert filters and much more :-)

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