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Top 5 Lumyros features

Why is Lumyros different Northern Lights app and what are the coolest features that makes it unique? Find out what are the top 5 features which can be found only in Lumyros.

You can easily find out where is Aurora visible. Aurora reports are sorted by the nearest (from your current location) and latest report. Was Aurora reported nearby so you can just go outside and enjoy the show?

Find out Aurora visibility details (how does it look and where to find it on the sky). Is the show hardly visible or is Aurora dancing all over the sky with multiple visible colours making it the show you simply can't miss?

Use the power of advanced notification filters helping you to get only notifications you are interested in. Would you like to be notified when Aurora is visible by eye or are you a photographer who would like to be notified even when Aurora is hardly visible by eye (but it can be already visible on your photos)? Set the distance to know when Aurora is visible within 100km from you, anywhere in the selected country or in any of the northern countries. You can get a notification only when Aurora visibility matches your selected colour, shape and more.

Share visible Aurora and visibility details with other hunters so they don't miss out the show. You can share more information so everyone can decide if it's the show they would like to see. (On the market are currently other solutions where you can share visible Aurora and select if its visibility is weak, medium or strong. The only downside is that you can't be sure about visibility anyway as a person who saw many shows might report medium Aurora as weak and a person who saw Aurora for the first time in his life might report weak Aurora as medium or strong.)

Lumyros is not limited to only one location or country. Currently are supported countries Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Scotland (officially). More countries will be added soon (some other countries are already supported as well but it's not official yet so glitches and bugs can be solved). It's time to connect all Aurora hunters no matter where they are :)

Lumyros has many cool features designed for first-time hunters and professionals. Are you using the full potential? Find out more :)


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