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Lumyros 3 Tutorial

The major update is here. Lumyros 3 brings new features never seen in any Aurora app before. New features are designed for photographers and are connecting all Aurora hunters in real-time. Find out what is new in Lumyros :)

Many users asked me "How is Lumyros different from other Aurora apps?" The difference wasn't much visible in the previous version but now you can see the difference easily. How many differences can you find?

Lumyros has a goal to connect all Aurora hunters Worldwide, help first-time hunters not to miss the show, provide useful tools for Aurora photographers and bring new features which were missing on the market.

Another most common question from users was "Why Aurora app would need an account and login?" - you can see the reason now :)

Lumyros 3 is currently a public Beta version (Some bugs might appear but we are working 25/7 to fix them as soon as possible. Lumyros 3 is a completely new concept never seen before which brings along challenges that never had to be solved before.)

We like challenges :)

Find out more about new features:

What is a Photomap?

Photo details and camera settings

How to add Aurora photos

Lumyros protects Aurora photographers. Share only your own original photos. If you will try to upload a downloaded photo or a screenshot Lumyros will ask you to select a different photo. The photo has to contain original (photo)data in order to be uploaded.

You can upload photos only to supported countries which are: Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Scotland

If you are not currently in supported country then you will not be able to upload a photo in the Photomap but you will still be able to upload your photo to the social feed. All photos can be uploaded only to supported countries (the location where was a photo taken).

A photo uploaded in the Photomap will appear in the social feed as well (a photo uploaded in the social feed will be added to the Photomap too).

Photos in the Photomap are sorted by the date when were photos taken. Photos in the social feed are sorted by the day when they were uploaded.

Photo filters

Cool feature

Create a photo location and upload your photo (or more of them). When your Aurora photo was taken nearby any photo location or hotel it will connect to it. The latest photo taken nearby will be displayed as the cover photo. If you would like to connect your Aurora photo with the Aurora tour then upload it directly in the Aurora tour profile.

Find out more about all basic Lumyros features here

It's time to share Aurora photos and to connect with all Aurora hunters now :)


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