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Lumyros Tutorial - The complete guide

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Are you using the full potential of Lumyros app? Explore the unique functions, helping you not to miss the Northern Lights.

Lumyros is the first Northern Lights app designed for first-time Aurora hunters which means you don't need to understand complicated solar graphs to see the Northern Lights. You have available all the necessary information If you are interested to learn more about Aurora. Are you a professional hunter and real-time data are essential for you? All the real-time data and graphs are part of Lumyros as well. It's time to find out more about Lumyros and its unique functions never seen in any other Northern Lights app before.

The first steps with Lumyros

Visible Aurora and what is Aurora Report

How to share visible Aurora with other hunters

Aurora filters and old Aurora Reports

Notification settings

Aurora forecast for first-time hunters

Real-time data for professional hunters

User profile

Photography places and how to add a new one

Find the best accommodation for your Northern Lights experience

Explore the best Northern Lights tours

It's time to see the Northern Lights now :) Download Lumyros here


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